Please see our FAQ below with more information about how to record charitable contributions and volunteer activities for the Region.

Please complete this form to record school charitable contributions or volunteer activity and submit to Master Holly Inoshita at

There should always be one point of contact for the effort/event.  It could be the gathering of financial contributions or good/services to be given to a charity, such as a food bank, cancer society, homeless organization, scouting event, etc.  It could also simply be the donation of time to support of an organization or event.

Either one person does the actual event or donation which is contributed to by many members of the school community (like fellow students, instructors, or parents), or multiple individuals from that population grouping come together to donate their time for the event to be logged.

Only if that person received funds from the karate school and members of its population could that be counted.  Otherwise it is a personal charitable act.

Please note the names of Black Belts involved – no rank or Dan number necessary.  The number of color belts, or best estimate, is good.  In addition, if parents or school community members are involved, please log that. If you have additional questions, please reach out to Master Holly Inoshita (

Sometimes this is complicated.  If there is a month long goods or food drive, it is difficult to log hours.  The point of contact should then just list a general idea of hours spent collecting, organizing, and then delivering the money or goods.  A single day should be chosen, most probably the day of the actual delivery of goods or money.  Hours are based on real time.  If 3 black belts and 6 color belts spent an entire afternoon at an event, that it would be logged as thus: 9 individuals x 5 hours = 45 hours.  If participants come and go, log your best guess.

If an actual monetary donation, log the amount donated.  If time is donated that has a monetary value (like free classes) log that monetary value.  If goods are donated, please CHOOSE.  Either log that approximate monetary value of those goods, or donated that approximate  items, such as 50 bags, 20 pounds of canned goods, or 100 pairs of socks.

Each school needs to do their own tracking, as clearly and concisely as possible.  They should not be lumped together as that shortchanges both the black belt participation and the school involvement.

If the finances involved are used to pay for supplies or space usage and any excess is donated to a related charity (so no profit is made), then yes. 

Complete this form and submit it to Master Holly Inoshita at

Please contact Master Holly Inoshita with any additional questions at