Ko Dan Ja candidates should understand that qualifying for an invitation to the Master’s Clinic is an accumulation of activities and contributions to their Studio, our Region, and the WTSDA. Any Sam Dan looking to move into the Ko Dan Ja rank will need to apply, once they have met the minimum requirements set by the MCSC. This application is not a guarantee that you will be invited to test for Ko Dan Ja rank.

Process Summary

  1. Meet the number of credit hours that must be acquired to go along with the minimum time requirements as set by the WTSDA.
  2. Fill out an application.
  3. Present your bio to the MCSC. Each candidate will have the opportunity to share their bio with the panel and articulate why they should be considered for selection for Ko Dan Ja Master or Instructor.
  4. Participate in a Regional Dan Test, (at no cost) which will allow the panel to view and evaluate their physical performance. This will also give the candidate an opportunity to work on areas that may need attention.

Credit Hours

The minimum credits required to be considered for Sah Dan is 170 credits.  There is no minimum credit requirement from Growth, Contribution or Training categories. Just be aware that each candidate is required to discuss their Bio’s with a Masters Panel. More well-rounded candidates will have a better chance of being selected for invitation.

The credits are broken down into three main categories – Regional Growth, Regional Contribution and Training.

While the Region will provide tracking sheets to use, it will be incumbent upon each candidate to track
their own data. The MCSC will not be responsible for this task. That data must also be supported. A
logbook stating that you taught at events will not be sufficient. There needs to be documented
evidence (signatures from event coordinators being the best documentation) indicating the validity of
your information as to prevent any misunderstanding.

While there is a provided list of ways to contribute, this is not the whole list.  A candidate may be asked to do a special project, participate on a WTSDA committee, or other ways to contribute.  Whatever your contribution beyond this list, make sure to include it in your Bio during the Master’s Panel Discussion.


The final portion of the process will be the candidate presenting their application to the MCSC. This
presentation will be done at Dan Camp in August. During this presentation, the candidate will present
all the credit data, a letter of recommendation from their instructor, information about their school,
participation in their school, and any other information that they believe is relevant to have the Panel
decide they are worthy of being a Sah Dan candidate for Region 5. At the end of the weekend, all
candidates will be given results of their presentation.

Any candidates who pass the interview/presentation, will be forwarded to the Regional Director and
WTSDA HQ for consideration. The final decision will remain with the WTSDA.

Regional Dan Test

In the year the candidate wishes to apply for Sah Dan, the candidate will participate in the April Dan
test. During this test the Testing Panel will be able to evaluate the physical performance of the
candidate to determine if there is any necessary feedback or concerns about the candidate’s ability to
complete a Masters Clinic weekend. This is not a pass/fail event, but the candidate’s performance will
be factored into the Masters Panel evaluation of the candidate.

Details regarding the requirements outlined above can be reviewed here.

Tracking Document to Test for Sah Dan

Best of luck, and as always, Tang Soo!